Sustainability: Reliable blasting of used transmission parts May 2022 May 2022

An AGTOS overhead conveyor shot blast machine is used at a customer in Austria for the reconditioning of gearboxes and countershaft gearboxes, starters, etc. The aim is to clean and restore the original finish of the surfaces. The blasting objective is to clean and restore the original finish of the surfaces.

During the project phase, the performance of this type of machine was tested at the AGTOS plant in Emsdetten. Various blasting machines are available there for performance tests. The knowledge gained in this way was incorporated into the project in close cooperation with the customer. Therefore, an aluminium blasting medium is used which treats the surfaces gently.

Two AGTOS high-performance turbines of type 3.6 for aluminium abrasive, in combination with an automatic abrasive quantity control and speed control, accelerate the abrasive and throw it onto the workpiece surfaces. This is then cleaned and recirculated, resulting in an economical process. The resulting dust is sedimented by a wet dust removal system.

The machine is also equipped with a lifting-lowering station for convenient loading and unloading. The process-related noise emission is dampened by a sound enclosure in such a way that all specifications are met.

The blasting plant supports our customer in moving the issue of sustainability forward. For example, defective transfer cases can be replaced by a reconditioned unit. Each old unit is thoroughly cleaned and disassembled into its individual parts. Even during the dismantling process, the parts are visually inspected and measured. Afterwards, it is decided which parts can be repaired and which components will be replaced.

Basically, all bearings, seals and oil seals are replaced. During the entire reconditioning process, the units are subject to strict quality inspections. Therefore, a warranty of 12 months can be given.


Photo credits: ©AGTOS and ©Service Technologies GmbH & Co OG

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