AGTOS shot blast machines can be found on all continents. Fast spare parts supply and good service are important for maintaining the value of your blast machine. You will find both with us. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to it! And if you need it very quickly: Use our service app. You can find more information here.

Mitarbeiter Jörg Freischem bei AGTOS

Jörg Freischem

Head of Service
Mitarbeiter Mario Hintzen bei AGTOS

Mario Hintzen

Head of Technical Service
Mitarbeiterin Jacline da Silva bei AGTOS

Jacline da Silva

Mitarbeiter Klaus Schapmann bei AGTOS

Klaus Schapmann

Field Service Engineer
Mitarbeiter Damian Depenthal bei AGTOS

Damian Depenthal

Mitarbeiter Timm Hagemeister bei AGTOS

Timm Hagemeister

Simon Robin

Simon Robin