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Our blasting systems are used to process the surfaces of a wide variety of workpieces. The following effects are achieved: Rust removal, descaling, final sanding, deburring, shot peening and finish blasting. The many types of wheel blast machines can be easily differentiated by the way the workpieces are transported. If they are transported suspended, for example, the appropriate blast machine type is called an overhead or continuous overhead conveyor blast machine. If they are placed on a wire belt, they are called wire belt blast machines. The size and shape of the workpieces is varied. For example, AGTOS blast machines can be used to process chain links of approx. 12 mm up to container-sized structures. The machines can be separate, interlinked or embedded in production lines.

Read more about the different "blasting machine types" in our guide.

Find out which blast machines are used in your industry. In some cases, our customers choose used blasting systems. They are often used to bridge production peaks. Even if little blasting is carried out initially, a used machine can be more favourable. We are constantly updating our range.               

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