Quality, safety and the environment

Quality is the benchmark of our thinking

We offer our customers solutions that are exclusively long term, and this is clearly reflected in the design of our machines, use of the best materials in production and the superior, individual vocational and further training our employees receive.

 Our customers benefit from comprehensive consulting on shot blasting of workpieces that weighs up every option and creates solutions in cooperation with the customer. We are convinced that our approach is the only way to find an appropriate and practical solution for the task in hand. Where particular challenges are involved, we are more than happy to draw on the expertise of scientific institutes (e.g. FH Münster University of Applied Sciences), industry associations (VDMA Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) and specialised start-ups.

A variety of shot blasting machines are available in our own test centre, enabling us to conduct shot blasting tests. This provides the basis for shot blasting trials on original workpieces that are professionally conducted and, simultaneously, meticulously documented and evaluated. A well-equipped, dedicated test laboratory allows us to assess the surfaces achieved. Operating mixes in the context of abrasive analyses of AGTOS shot blasting machines on the market are also examined and evaluated here. This provides the basis for an economical and efficient shot blasting process.

 Technical and sales personnel possess concentrated expertise for a variety of sectors that use our shot blasting technology in the most varied applications. We take the required specific characteristics into consideration in each case and create efficient and, simultaneously, cost-effective solutions.

 Moreover, our own Quality Management assures processes in design and production, ensuring the reliability of AGTOS shot blasting machines in every sector. A highly efficient ERP system enables us to ensure smooth processes in our daily work in both AGTOS plants that transcend languages and frontiers.

 State-of-the-art, high-class production machinery helps to assure the high level of quality of our products. Our workplaces conform to all statutory requirements and, additionally, are both optimally and ergonomically equipped. Software for our machines and its programming are also up to date at all times.

 We employ skilled personnel for installation who are specifically trained to the highest standards for this purpose. Strict attention is also paid to safety aspects and, equally, good cooperation with local personnel.

 Our technicians are available to offer advice and assistance, even after acceptance. Operating and maintenance personnel of customers receive intensive training with appropriate certificates. This lays the cornerstone for the long-term assurance of any investment in a new machine. We are also more than happy to take care of regular inspections and maintenance work should this be desired.

Occupational safety and health protection

Every individual worker can achieve their best performance in a safe environment. This begins with observance of statutory requirements, while complementing of this through additional practical measures offers considerable support in this context. This is why we examine requirements in the workplace very closely indeed. For example, all office workplaces are equipped with optional standing workstations. Measures to reduce noise, individual hearing protection and appropriate working clothes in factories are further examples. Further measures are taken during regular monitor meetings.

The environment

We are acutely aware of our responsibility towards future generations. For this reason, careful handling of resources is important to us when, on the one hand, using materials and energy during production and, on the other, when operating our machines. This is also why we continually work on new solutions in these areas.