Save costs and time with the AGTOS Service App

How would it be if you could get immediate support and further information in case of service with just a few clicks? Try the AGTOS Service App!

The AGTOS Service App is available for free download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Mostly smartphones or tablets are used, the application also works with AR glasses. Arrange a flat rate with our service department to use the app. Finding an appointment is easy as there is always an AGTOS service technician on the premises.

A session ID number is generated with just a few clicks. This is transmitted to the AGTOS employee. Afterwards, the AGTOS employee sees the situation on site and can support all activities on the machine in real time.

Since travel times are eliminated, the AGTOS specialist is available faster and more cost-effectively. It is also possible to use the AGTOS Service App for even small questions. Only the time of the actual use of the app is charged. There are no travel costs and times. The use of the app is automatically documented. This means that the content of the session is still available later.

During the session, photos and drawings as well as videos can be exchanged in real time. Simultaneous translation into many languages is also available on request.

Many customers use the AGTOS Service App to accompany them during maintenance work, repairs, machine relocations, etc.

You too can use this modern and fast way of support!

You can find the app here:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store