Sucess Stories

Our shot blasting machines are always part of a comprehensive solution. You can find examples of interesting projects here that, thanks to our shot blast technology, have been successful for customers. These provide ideas and stimulation for questions associated with assuring optimum sandblasting results.

September 2022 Liquefied gas storage tanks horizontal blasting - AGTOS

Horizontal blasting of liquid gas storage tanks

Below a blasting operation is shown which is rarely realised. The horizontal installation of the AGTOS high-performance turbines was implemented so well that the existing plant can be operated much more economically than before.

May 2022 AGTOS Hängebahn-Strahlanlage zum Strahlen von gebrauchten Getriebeteilen

Sustainability: Reliable blasting of used transmission parts May 2022

An AGTOS overhead conveyor shot blast machine is used at a customer in Austria for the reconditioning of gearboxes and countershaft gearboxes, starters, etc. The aim is to clean and restore the original finish of the surfaces. The blasting objective is to clean and restore the original finish of the surfaces.

May 2020 Success_story_wickert_grafik

High quality machining of gear parts

Nowadays modern trucks are almost exclusively equipped with automatic transmissions. While on one hand more compact, lighter and more powerful gearboxes are required, on the other hand durability should be ensured even in extreme areas of application.