Wire mesh conveyor shot blast machine

The AGTOS Product Range


Our standard wire mesh conveyor shot blasting system range encompasses processing widths ranging from 400 mm to 1600 mm.

Determining the appropriate machine concept depends on factors such as your workpieces, required performance and, no less important, your expectations with regard to an optimum production process.

In cases where the task cannot be solved with a standard machine, we develop a tailored machine concept to suit your specific needs.

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Application areas

Application options for AGTOS wire mesh conveyor shot blasting systems (type BS)

Wire mesh conveyor shot blasting systems are extremely flexible. The fact that the workpieces are simultaneously shot blasted from above and below considerably broadens the spectrum of workpieces that can be processed. Wire mesh conveyor shot blasting systems are used for applications such as deburring, descaling and cleaning of cast and laser-cut parts. This machine type is frequently used for shot blasting of aluminium.


Industrial process

The industrial process for wire mesh conveyor shot blasting systems

The workpieces actuate the switching threshold upstream of the inlet sluice for the automatic abrasive supply of the high-performance turbines. This ensures that shot blasting only occurs when the workpieces are in the shot blasting area.

The inlet sluice is equipped with wear-resistant rubber curtains for sealing purposes. Workpieces that have passed through the shot blasting zone move to a blower unit. Abrasive remaining on the workpiece surface is fed back here into the abrasive circuit.

The abrasive keeps circulating and is cleaned for continuous use. An abrasive dosing device is used to convey the cleaned abrasive from the storage hopper to the high-performance turbines.

A fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation of the shot blasting systems. The extracted air is cleaned with an on-site filtering facility.