Blasting pattern simulation:

As early as the project phase, we examine your workpieces in detail and use analysis tools to work out the best machine configuration for you. This process forms the basis for a concrete and informative offer. In many cases, the use of suitable software saves you and us the blasting tests. The project period is noticeably shortened. The logistics effort is also eliminated here, as no workpieces have to be transported. This option therefore also has advantages in terms of sustainability.

With the help of the software, we can recognise the surfaces on the workpieces that are exposed to abrasive and can thus make anticipatory statements about the expected blasting result. The intensity of the blasting is visualised by colour coding.

Our first priority is to find the correct solution for our customers. Depending on the project, analogue blasting tests are also carried out. We have a well-equipped technical centre for this purpose. In these cases, we choose the best options to keep the effort calculable for everyone. Simulations can also be used to prepare analogue tests, e. g. to reduce the time required for tests and to reduce the number of rejected parts.


Structure of the simulation with visualization of the blasting pattern

Result of the simulation with coloured display of the intensities