Always one step ahead!

Benefit from our new operating concept for AGTOS blast machines. It faciliates operation and thus ensures the optimum process. New software solutions for collecting and evaluating machine data and direct access to the operating manual help you to work in a resource-saving and forward-looking manner. 
This means you are always one step ahead!


The transparent operation of process-reliable machines is becoming increasingly important. We help you to collect and evaluate data in the production process.


1. Data Collection

For maximum cost transparency, we offer you the display and archiving of machine utilisation and energy consumption under real conditions.


2. Servicing

You receive a complete overview of all necessary control intervals for the maintenance of your AGTOS shot blast machine. Furthermore, you get direct access to the operating manual.


3. Smart Monitoring

This software is based on the Data Collection. Machine data is recorded, archived and graphically displayed. The visualisation of the function status of each individual function is displayed by means of a traffic light systen. By selecting the individual function, a graphic of the limit value observation is displayed. 


The new multi-touch comfort panels with best readability enable the implementation of innovative operating concepts and displays.

  • The data can be processed and analysed extremely quickly directly by the machine.
  • The display is free scalable (through vector-based visualisation).
  • The panel offers safe operation with standard work gloves.
  • System backup is fully automatic.
  • Maintenance-free remote access to the visualisation is possible without additional software.


ABased on the Multi-Touch Comfort Panel, we offer you options to expand your AGTOS software at any time.