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Shot blasting system spares of every kind!

The effect abrasive used in shot blasting machines has on the surfaces of workpieces is also evident in the shot blasting machine itself, a feature common to all shot blasting systems.

Therefore, in addition to supplying spare and wear parts, maintenance and configuration of machines is essential to secure investments.

At least the area of shot blasting machines under stress, the blasting chamber, is made of wear-resistant material at AGTOS and additionally protected with replaceable wear-resistant plates. Added to this are specific spare and wear parts (e.g. for turbines) which are also manufactured from special wear-resistant material. These include throwing blades, impellers, guide sleeves and wear-resistant linings.

Brushes, filter cartridges and numerous other parts need to be replaced as a result of the sandblasting process. This is why these parts complement the service programme, thus ensuring comprehensive support of plant operators. AGTOS has a well-equipped warehouse with numerous different spare parts for shot blasting systems.

In addition to AGTOS shot blasting system customers, this also benefits customers operating machines from other manufactures in production. The probability that AGTOS can also provide spare and wear parts for these shot blasting systems is high, and the quality of these is even better in some cases. AGTOS Service is noted for its rapidity. Ordered parts are sent to customers by the quickest routes – all over the world!

AGTOS will also install parts should this be wished.

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