Continuous overhead rail shot blast machine

The AGTOS Product Range


Our standard range of continuous overhead rail shot blasting systems encompasses several design sizes.

Determining the appropriate machine concept depends on factors such as the workpieces, required performance and, no less important, the expectations of the customer with regard to an optimum production process.

In cases where the task cannot be solved with a standard machine, we develop a tailored machine concept to suit your specific needs.

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Application areas

Continuous overhead rail shot blasting systems are among the most flexible shot blasting system types. They are used for a variety of workpieces for rust removal, descaling, final sanding, deburring and finish blasting of delicate components or for roughening of surfaces for a subsequent coating. This machine type is frequently employed for surface treatment of aluminium.

They are generally available as batch or continuous systems, but numerous intermediate forms also exist based on the hanger-type rail system. Different processes such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying can in many cases be linked through the hanger-type system, exploiting enormous rationalisation potential.

Further variation options are created through the use of different blasting frames which aid feeding of workpieces to the machine. Standard blasting frames with plates, baskets or rods can in many cases master the task in hand. However, our customers’ requirements are always clarified in detail and frequently lead to development of a special solution.


Industrial process

The workpieces are suspended on a blasting frame or directly on the rotating hook of the traversing mechanism and advanced to a point just short of the shot blasting machine. An automatic feeding unit transports the workpieces to the first blasting position.

After starting the program, the machine door is closed and locked automatically with an electro-pneumatic mechanism. The workpieces are rotated and blasted in three positions for the predefined blasting period.

The abrasive keeps circulating and is cleaned for continuous use.

An abrasive dosing device is used to convey the cleaned abrasive from the storage hopper to the high-performance turbines.

On completion of the blasting cycle and shutdown of the turbines, the machine door opens and the suspended workpieces move back again to the home position.

A fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation of the shot blasting systems. The extracted air is cleaned with an on-site filtering facility.