Convince yourself!

Your workpieces deserve the best surface treatment. Many technical parameters can be calculated purely theoretically. This lays the foundations for good blasting results. In blasting technology, however, practical proof is indispensable. This applies above all to blasting processes that have not been worked out before with other machines.

For this purpose, we have set up a modern technical centre at our headquarters in Emsdetten. Here, the most diverse blasting tests can be carried out. Together with you, the project department and the responsible sales manager, five highly different blasting machines are available exclusively for tests. The machines are state-of-the-art and optimally equipped. The tests are prepared and carried out by employees with many years of experience in blasting technology. Like this, your questions are optimally taken into account and mapped.

View into the technical centre.

Test preparation with coupling carriers.

You send us your workpieces and we work out the best blasting results for you. Ideally, you will be on site yourself as an expert for your own requirements.  For this purpose, we have premises with a pleasant consulting and working atmosphere, so that you can focus on the blasting tests in the best possible way and we can work out the ideal process together.

Microscopic examination of the surface.

Roughness measurements confirm the blasting results.

At the same time, the results are documented and evaluated later. Our laboratory is also well equipped. It is located directly in the technical centre. Roughness measurements, Almen tests and abrasive analyses can be carried out there, among other things. Our trained specialists ensure comparable results and clear recommendations. Criteria are, for example, blasting intensity, surface appearance or coverage. The advantage is that modifications can be discussed and implemented immediately. More than 30 different blasting media types are available for your tests.

More than 30 blasting media types are available for tests.

Professional adjustment of the blasting machines.