New partner for Scandinavia June 2021

Begner Agenturer AB represents a number of world leading European companies supplying technology and machines to the Scandinavian market. Their customers are foremost in the metal industry sector, but their products can also be applied to other industries. Begner has created an excellent network with knowledge of the processes. Their broad range of technical expertise helps customers to find the best products and applications for their needs.


AGTOS was founded in 2001 in Germany. The constant focus on the requirements of the customers means that the company is regarded as a specialist in the design and manufacture of shot blasting equipment for roughing, cleaning, rust removal, descaling and shot peening of surfaces. This is why customers on all five continents and some of them in Scandinavia work with shot blasting machines from AGTOS.


In addition to new shot blasting machinery, AGTOS also offers used blasting systems. This is an advantage for customers who need a blasting machine at very short notice or only wish to use it temporarily.


Within the blasting business service (i.e. stocking and delivery) and the installation of spare and wear parts play an important role. Added to this are maintenance, repair and modernisation work on machines from other manufacturers which are at all times realised by experienced skilled personnel.

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