Shot blasting power also for large steel beams

The quality of surfaces is becoming more and more important. Users are paying more attention to economical concepts and the aspect of time when it comes to shot blasting.

Large steel beams are used more and more often. Depending on the condition of the beams, the shot blasting process is very complex. In order to solve this task, AGTOS is offering a powerful roller conveyor shot blast plant. This machine type will be exhibited at the exhibition booth.

The passage width is 1.500 mm. Thus, the shot blast plant can treat steel beams up to a width of 1.100 mm and a height of 420 mm. Rust and scale will be removed reliably.

Furthermore, this machine type is also suitable for the treatment of metal sheets. The max. sheet width is 1.500 mm. In case smaller parts shall be processed, appropriate wire baskets are available. The machine shown at the exhibition is part of a product series which is offered in different sizes.

Functioning of the roller conveyor shot blast plant

The work pieces will be supplied to the machine via a roller conveyor. They pass a switching threshold installed in front of the inlet sluice. This threshold releases the automatic supply of abrasive to the running high performance turbines. By means of this measure, it is made sure that the blasting only takes place when there are work pieces in the blasting area. This limits the wear and tear of the machine and saves energy and abrasive media.

The inlet sluice is sealed with easily replaceable and wear-resistant rubber curtains in the upper part. They avoid the escape of abrasive and dust. The lower part is sealed by means of adjustable rubber lamellas which adapt to the contour of the respective work pieces.

While passing the blasting chamber itself, the work pieces are blasted evenly and accurately. Four AGTOS high performance turbines with up to 22 kW have been provided for this task. They are distinguished by their high performance and long life times of the wear parts. In case of maintenance, they can be changed relatively quickly and easily.

After having passed the blasting area, the work pieces reach the combined brush and blower unit. Here, the abrasive cleaned from the surfaces of the work pieces is returned to the abrasive circuit. In order to do this, the abrasive is collected in the hopper below the machine, forwarded by means of a screw conveyor and transported to the upper part of the machine by means of a bucket elevator.

There, bigger particles are filtered out and small grain and dust are removed from the abrasive. The purified abrasive is led from the abrasive silo back to the high performance turbines by means of the abrasive control unit.

The dust separation of the shot blast plant is realised by means of a cartridge filter. The filter has a fan which creates a negative pressure. A deflecting separator and filter cartridges with an appropriate medium clean the aspirated air. It is clean when it returns back into the factory hall. An additional filter provides double security.

Further topics at our exhibition booth

Our exhibition team will be happy to inform you about the different versions of our high performance turbines - the most important component of a shot blast machine - as well as their maintenance options. They reach a long service life also when using aggressive abrasive media. Examples of already produced machines will be shown and the best solutions for processing work pieces by means of shot blasting will be demonstrated.

The AGTOS booth at the EUROBLECH 2018

EUROBLECH exhibition, 23 - 26 October 2018, Hanover, hall 13, booth B141

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