Code of Conduct

3. Integrity and Compliance

We have taken appropriate compliance1 measures so that the following topics are adequately covered:

3.1 Corruption

We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or extortion; they prevent fair conditions of competition.

Benefits which are connected with the intention or could give the appearance of influencing business decisions or procuring any other inadmissible advantage are neither promised, offered, granted, demanded or accepted in our business relationships nor do we allow ourselves to be promised such benefits. A particularly strict standard must be applied in dealings with persons to whom special criminal and liability regulations apply (e.g. public officials).

3.2 Fair competition

We act in accordance with competition and cartel law and do not participate in price fixing, market sharing or customer, market or bid rigging.

3.3 Money laundering prevention

Money laundering refers to the process of smuggling illegally generated money or illegally acquired assets into the legal financial and economic cycle. We comply with our legal obligations to prevent money laundering and do not participate in transactions that serve to conceal or integrate criminal or illegally acquired assets.

3.4 Protection of information and intellectual property 

We protect confidential information and respect intellectual property; technology and know-how transfers shall be made in a manner that protects intellectual property rights and customer information, trade secrets and non-public information from misuse, mishandling, counterfeiting (plagiarism), theft, fraud or unauthorised disclosure. We comply with applicable trade secret laws and treat confidential information of our business partners accordingly.

3.5 Data protection

We process, store and protect personal data in compliance with legal regulations. Thus, personal data is collected confidentially, only for legitimate, previously defined purposes and in a transparent manner. We only process personal data if it is protected against loss, modification and unauthorised use or disclosure by appropriate technical and organisational measures.

3.6 Export control

We undertake to comply with the relevant legal standards for export control - in particular licensing requirements, export and support prohibitions - in the context of the transfer and export of our goods.

3.7 Avoidance of conflicts of interest

We avoid internal and external conflicts of interest that could illegitimately influence business relationships. If this is not successful, we disclose these conflicts.


1Compliance stands for the observance of legal requirements, regulatory standards, voluntary commitments and internal guidelines.